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The Beat Goes On, Romance in Rio!

                       Feijoada, a dish made with black beans, pork, rice, collard greens, cassava flour and orange is excellent. While in Rio you must save your budget and appetite. Enjoy sublime food most everywhere. Fast food never was so fast, nor tasted … Continue reading

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Romance in Rio

Tiny sprinkles suddenly appear on my windshield. Precise pinpoint sharp dots are followed by larger and larger drops. A deafening sound ensues; continuous pounding like thousands of miniature rocks, windshield wiper blades work the night. Together we track; black somewhat … Continue reading

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Travel and Retirement

Congratulations you’ve worked hard, invested safely and saved aggressively over the years. You’ve included and covered all potential multi-generational liabilities in your retirement plan. You’ve balanced your lifetime checkbook. You know exactly when you will kiss your debt goodbye. You … Continue reading

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